Contracting Mobile App Projects

Hulu Android App

Hulu Android app on Google Play

Android App - Google Play

I was contracted through FivePack/ValTech to work with Hulu on the Android mobile app. What was only supposed to last a couple months extended into a couple years. This experience took my Android tech stack to a new level, ranging from RxJava, Kotlin to MVVM/MVI app architectures. I was continually amazed with the professionalism and skill set everyone brought to the table. These were the brightest engineers I have ever worked with.

Over 50 million installs!

Caesars Play by TR

Play by TR on Google Play

Android App - Google Play

I was contracted out to work with a major development house on Caesars Play By TR Android app. The contract lasted for 2.5 months. I left feeling accomplished. It was an amazing experience to work for a company that fostered such creativity, talent, productivity and teamwork between its employees.

I cannot say exactly what I did until it's released, but safe to say it's going to be an amazing update. I was able to walk away with a couple new skills cemented into my Android repertoire.

Cash Car Trivia

Android App - Google Play

Cash Car Trivia is currently in Open Beta and can be accessed through the Google Play store.

Cash Car Trivia is a trivia based game where the goal is to answer all questions correctly before your UBER ride ends. If you can, then you will win part of a daily prize pool.

I was hired by Kaffee Labs, Inc to help convert the iOS app to Android. Currently in open beta.

Personal Mobile App Projects

Android Code Sample Project

Public Android Code Sample on GitHub

SpaceX Android App - GitHub Link

This Android project is using a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture, implemented with several different example observer patterns and data storage strategies.

This GitHub project was created and made public to use as a showcase of my current Android developer skill set, a quick reference guide and to get a chance to play with FLOW/Coroutines.

Brainia Brain Games

Android App - Google Play

Brainia is a collection of over 35 brain training games designed to flex your mind using logic, memory, math, words and speed educational games. Additional details can be found on

These brain games were developed from the ground up to be family friendly and educational. Perfect for road trips, waiting rooms, or any other time you need a little brain coffee. Games can be played in 60-120 seconds.

Brainia has been localized into five different languages.

Road Trip Games

Native iOS & Android App - Google Play / iOS App Store

My first native app build for both the Android and iOS markets around 2012. Each of the apps were developed in their own retrospective native coding environments (Xcode & Android Studio).

About 3/4 of the app are web views. This simplified the creation. Most of the content was copied from the main website. The scoreboard was built using native code.

Emergency Savings Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

Find out how long your savings would last or what kind of budget you would need in case of an emergency or job loss.

Put in your starting amount and then what your expenses would be. The emergency savings calculator does the rest! You will be given a line by line display of what your budget/savings would look like till your money runs out. You can select a starting date and even switch between weeks or months.

This app was built and published within a span of two business days to fulfill a development test for future projects.

Lights Out Worlds

Android App - Google Play

Lights Out Worlds is an additive puzzle game, based on a classic lights out game I had when I was a child.

Play unlimited RANDOM games or try to beat each WORLD. Levels start out simple and progressively gets harder.

Started in 2011, this game was nearly finished but then put on hold. After five years I decided to pick up the pieces and finish it. Five years in the tech industry is a long time! I ended up having to completely rebuild the game engine and create brand new graphics to accommodate all the up to date technologies.

Score Card Pro

Native iOS & Android App - Google Play / iOS App Store

This app is an extension to the simple score board feature created in the road trip games app and was my first attempt at a fully coded native app.

Unlike the Road Trip Games app, there we very few webviews utilized. These apps were developed in their own retrospective native coding environments (Xcode & Android Studio).

While not a monetary success, this app did make a great case study. I outlined this apps development process in a case study that can be found here:

Fitness App Suite

The following apps were built from a Fitness framework I created to allow me to quickly develop highly focused fitness apps.

Weight Loss Tracker

Native Android App - Google Play

This app is the flagship of all my fitness apps developed for Android. This app records your weight loss progress. While the other apps in this series focus on simple to the point functionality, this one combines all the individual apps into an all-in-one solution.

  • BMI Calculator (for both adult and child)
  • Calorie Intake Calculator
  • Exercise Calculator
  • TDEE Calculator
  • BMR Calculator
  • RMR Calculator

TDEE Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) is the total number of calories your body will burn in one day.

If your burned calories are GREATER THAN your daily calorie intake, you will LOSE WEIGHT.

If your burned calories are LESS THAN your daily calorie intake, you will GAIN WEIGHT.

If your burned calories are EQUAL to your daily calorie intake, you will MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT.

This app was built to fulfill the need of an app that can calculate someone's total energy burn per day. This number can then be used to calculate a user's daily calorie limit, which in turn can be used to calculate a healthy daily calorie limit to lose, gain or maintain weight.

Exercise Calorie Calculator

Native iOS & Android App - Google Play / iOS App Store

A simple Exercise Calorie Calculator with over 215 included exercises.

Exercises included in this exercise calorie calculator range from Walking, Running, and Aerobics to more periodic exercises such as Backpacking, House Work and Moving Furniture.

Part of the ongoing series of weight loss tool apps, this app is a follow-up to the now aging exercise calculator found on

In July of 2017, I launched the iOS version of this app built entirely using Xcode and Swift 3

RMR Calorie Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

Calculates & Tracks RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Using Mifflin-St Jeor Equation.

RMR represents the minimal amount of energy (calories) your body needs to stay alive and can be useful when trying to lose weight.

This app is very similar to the BMR Calculator app. The biggest differences is in the way the information is calculated.

BMI Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

Calculates Adult & Child BMI. Find Your Ideal Weight, Body Fat %.

There are six health categories that you fall into when considering your BMI. Those include:

  • Underweight
  • Normal Weight
  • Overweight
  • Obese (Class 1)
  • Obese (Class 2)
  • Morbidly Obese

BMR Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

Calculates & Tracks BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Using Harris-Benedict Equation.

When trying to lose weight it's important to know the total number of calories being burned per day. While adding up individual exercise calorie burn counts may be simple, finding the general calorie burn count (BMR) that your body burns per day is not.

This app fulfils a weight loss niche of people who like to calculate their total calorie burn manually.

Calories Intake Calculator

Native Android App - Google Play

A Calorie Intake Calculator that estimates daily calorie limits for diet goals.

I wanted to develop an app that solely focused on finding a healthy calorie goal for someone who is dieting. This app uses the same basic frame work that the other weight loss apps in this series, but focusing on one aspect of the overall weight loss picture.